Debbie Newton, Administrator

Debbie joined the team in 1996 after managing a care home for 10 years. She is married with a grown up son and enjoys gardening and caring for people.

As membership administrator, Debbie works closely with Victoria Herbert to ensure that new member business and membership enquiries are dealt with professionally and with care. She is a key member of the team.

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Children’s Saver Plan

Offers you a chance to build up a valuable lump sum with no additional tax liability for your children in an affordable way. The plan is flexible so you can decide if you would like the savings to mature after 10 years, or when your children reach either 16, 18, 21 or 25 years of age.

The Children’s Saver Plan gives you the opportunity to benefit from savings with no additional tax liability — perhaps for your child’s further education, their first car, their wedding, or just the comfort of knowing that there is a guaranteed nest egg for them at the end of the savings term.

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Saver & Disability Plan

Railway Enginemen’s Assurance Society offers your the peace of mind and financial security should you be permanently removed from your duties because of a disability. This is also combined with a lump sum at the end of the saving plan with no additional tax liability, or earlier in the event of death.

The Saver and Disability plan is a long-term saving plan that is an affordable way to save with no additional tax liability — giving you peace of mind that there is a lump sum put aside for a rainy day or in the unfortable event that you are unable work through a permanent disability.

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Saver Plan

Offers you the chance to build up a valuable lump sum with no additional tax liability. It allows you to save long-term, perhaps for a deposit on a house, special holiday, new car or for a lump sum to put aside for a rainy day.

The plan is available to any Railway employee, their spouse or partner and provides also a lump sum with no additional tax liability payable in the event of death.

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